Fiverr Top 6 Skills to make money online in 2021

Fiverr is known for connecting freelancers with businesses looking for talent, and says there's plenty of home-grown demand. Finder asked which skills were most sought-after right now and here's what we learned (in no particular order).

1.Graphics and design

Artists and graphic designers are a hot commodity right now. Logo design, Photoshop editing and illustration are some of the most in-demand skills on Fiverr. Portraits and caricatures are also high on the list.

2. Voiceover

Fiverr says there’s strong demand from businesses and people looking for that perfect tone to narrate their videos. Yours could be the one.
You can set your listing to reach users seeking specific types of vocal styling, accent and language, so it could be a great opportunity for a variety of freelancers

3. Social media marketing

Are you Facebook Blueprint certified? Experienced with content strategy? Time to get more from that social know-how. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, YouTube and even newcomer Tik Tok, social media marketing is another highly in-demand skill on Fiverr.
Savvy freelancers can help brands and content creators organise their posting schedule, report on analytics and grow an engaged following. You could even get paid to write Instagram captions. A match made in heaven for some.

4. Writing and translation

Got a penchant for the written word? Writing gigs let you flex your wordsmith muscles and get paid while you're at it. Articles and blog posts topped the list for gigs in 2020 but you could also try your hand at a slew of other writing opportunities, including SEO and copywriting for websites, social media accounts, scriptwriting and press releases.
If you're new to the game, consider picking up a few freelance writing gigs to get a couple of published bylines under your belt and buff up your portfolio.

5.Video and animation editing

There are millions of hours of content uploaded online every day, so it's no wonder that video editors are another highly sought after role. Editing can stretch to many different types of videos including fun makeup tutorials, more serious corporate videos and even travel videos from the family holiday.
No matter what your level of experience is, if you're handy with video editing tools there are plenty of video editing jobs waiting for the right person.

6. WordPress and eCommerce development

If you know your PHP from your HTML and can handle WordPress or Shopify with ease then consider helping other businesses build their online presence. Ecommerce developers help build websites from scratch, customise templates and can migrate from one platform to another.
Problem-solving developers can also get in on the game with the help needed for bug fixes, performance improvement and consultations.