Top 5 Ways To Stay Secure While Making Digital Transactions

Top 5 Ways To Stay Secure While Making Digital Transactions

India is seeing a meteoric rise in the number of digital transactions. Each month, the number of such transactions has been reaching an unprecedented level. But this calls for caution and tips to make sure that your financial decisions are rational and safe.

5 Ways To Stay Secure While Making Digital Transactions

1. Use QR Code With Caution: 

We often receive texts/ messages asking us to scan a QR code in order to receive gifts and prizes. One must remember that in no condition can a person receive any payment via QR code. The code is only meant to make payments.

2. Use Customer Support: 

You may face some troubles while making a transaction from any app. In such a situation, it is advisable that one must use in-app support. Third-party support should be avoided at all costs.

3. Use Tokenisation:

RBI has enabled tokenisation for using the cards in India. This means that users can now make payments without sharing sensitive data. People who make frequent transactions must opt for this and protect their data.

4. Stay Updated on your credit score: 

A credit score allows you to keep a track of suspicious activities in your account. With monthly reports, you can prevent fraud and also set transaction limits to your cards.

5. Use more layers of protection: 

Most fintech apps allow the users to protect their account using 4 or 6-digit passwords. However, it is advisable that wherever possible, one must use other means of protection like fingerprints etc to enhance financial safety.